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Kalamalka Blu-Green Gasoline 15" Lenses


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These 15" fantasy lenses are highly detailed, produced in 8 spectacular color’s, several of which you won’t find any where else, the blue green shades were custom mixed just for this globe. Production is Limited to just 30 sets (Only 3 left).

Kalamalka is the name of a local lake, and the Indian Chief for which it was named. In Polynesian, Kalamalka apparently means “the Sun of America”. It is believed that a native from the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) who had been recruited in the late 1700s to help establish Fort Astoria in Oregon, eventually traveled to the North Okanagan, where he had married a native Indian, and named one of their offspring Kalamalka, who eventually become Chief. The lake itself is one Top 10 beautiful lakes in the world, as named by National Geographic, and known for it’s blue-green water.

Like all of our 15" lenses, these feature double strength glass just like the originals, produced using the highest quality glass inks available on the market, and then kiln fired to create a timeless piece of advertising that will last generations! The lenses measure 15" across and will fit all original and reproduction 15" metal bodies. If you need a body, we offer the highest quality die stamped steel bodies available on the market today, please see the bodies tab to add one to your order. We also offer decals to match, please check the decal link above.