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About Us

Pogo's Garage is home to a pair of artistic gear heads
It all started in 1988, when we opened our first business, an automotive pin striping company, and it was shortly after, that we started to collect memorabilia for our garage. First it was license plates, then quart cans, signs, the occasional globe, and eventually gas pumps. After selling that company, we purchased a large sign shop, where we honed our skills as artists in the day to day operations of a full service sign company. By the mid 90's it was time for a change, so we sold the sign shop, packed up the family, and headed south to the sunny Okanagan Valley, in the interior of British Columbia, and settled in the small community of Armstrong, a bustling metropolis of 3900, +4 when we showed up.
With a passion for vintage cars and memorabilia, and with a decade of graphic design experience under our belts, the idea of producing globes was a natural. We spent the next few years doing extensive research into the lost processes employed by the golden era manufacturers of advertising globes. After sourcing the equipment and materials, learning to work with glass, and finally mastering the techniques, we were off and running, later that year, we produced our first globe. The handle Pogo came in 1999, when we needed a user ID to register on eBay. As Okanagan Lake is home to the world famous Ogopogo, when we were choosing a name, we decided on twisting the legendary lake monster's name to fit, and as they say, the rest is history.
Fast forward a few decades and with a few detours, we still collect vintage gas pumps, and our passion keeps us expanding our line of reproduction advertising. We take a lot of pride in the quality of the item's we produce, dating every one to protect the next generation of collectors. We make our globes by hand, one at a time, just like the originals, using the highest quality materials available, and our attention to detail is quite simply, second to none!
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