Red Head Gasoline (Early) 15" Lenses

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  • Lighted Advertising Globe Base
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These 15" lenses are reproductions of original Red Head Gasoline lenses, which was a brand marketed by Great West Distributors  (Circa 1928-1963) They were located in Calgary, Alberta and sold a variety of products under the Red Head brand. Production is Limited to just 30 sets of lenses.


Like all of our 15" lenses, these feature double strength glass just like the originals, produced using the highest quality glass inks available on the market, and then kiln fired to create a timeless piece of advertising that will last generations! The lenses measure 15" across and will fit all original and reproduction 15" metal bodies. If you need a body, we offer the highest quality die stamped steel bodies available on the market today, please see the bodies tab to add one to your order. We also offer decals to match, please check the decal link above.