Lubester Decals

The Best Decals For Your Restoration Project

Pogo’s Garage creates stunning decals that honor the age of vintage. Our lubester decals are a premium choice that will leave you feeling both nostalgic and impressed, a sure-fire way to remain immersed in time tested traditions. 

We offer a large selection of mid-size decals for a variety of uses. Whether it's an oil bottle rack or a Texaco gas station, we have the right decal for you. Our oil lubester decals have been created for purpose built application and enhance any restoration project that you are currently working on. In fact, we have dedicated ourselves to replicating as true to inspiration decals as possible so that you can maintain the integrity of your restoration throughout. 

Our decals offer a trip down memory lane and support the attention to detail that so many of our clients pride themselves on when working on a restoration project. Steeped in the history of legendary brands, our decals bring back a time as iconic as the machines the lubesters serviced.

Wondering what to do next? Take a look at our wide range of decals to get started. These oil lubester decals are perfect for service station lubesters, oil dispensers, air meters, oil can racks, or other items you are restoring. Simple to use and perfect as a finishing touch, our lubester decals are exactly what your project needs.

We offer the highest quality vinyl decals on the market today, printed on premium white vinyl, and then laminated with a high gloss UV resistant cover coat, they are durable and brilliant. Simply put, there is no better choice than the Pogo’s Garage oil lubester decals for your restoration. We treat each and every decal with the utmost care and attention so that we can provide a premium product every single time. 

Some of our popular choices include decals for Red Head Gasoline, Red Indian Motor Oil, and BA Service decals in various iterations. 

Custom sizes are available when required in any size up to 52". If you would like to find out more or place a customer order, please use the contact form to inquire about having custom decals made. We would be happy to help! 

Our philosophy means that whenever you choose a Pogo’s Garage decal, you know you are choosing the best! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your oil lubester decals.